11.8% increase in visitor arrivals in Panama in the first two months of 2024


Panama’s tourism sector is experiencing positive momentum in 2024. According to data published by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), the country recorded a significant 11.8% increase in visitor arrivals in the first two months of the year compared to the same period in 2023.



Growth driven by multiple factors


This remarkable increase is attributable to several key factors. On the one hand, the continuous improvement of tourism infrastructure and services has greatly contributed to attracting more visitors. International promotional efforts have also played a crucial role, positioning Panama as a key destination in Latin America.



Statistics and key figures

During January and February 2024, Panama welcomed a total of 574,029 visitors compared to the same period in 2023. This increase reflects the effectiveness of the initiatives deployed to revitalise the sector.

The main tourist-sending markets are the United States, with 79,780 visitors, followed by Colombia (49,681), Venezuela (17,653), Brazil (14,569), Mexico (11,466) and Argentina (12,637). Major European markets include Spain (11,922), Germany (6,853), France (8,851), Italy (6,395) and the Netherlands (4,916).


ATP Strategic Initiatives

ATP has implemented several strategies to stimulate this growth. These include participating in international trade fairs, organising targeted digital marketing campaigns and promoting new tourist routes that showcase the country’s cultural and natural diversity.


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Credit: Visit Panama

Particular emphasis has been placed on ecotourism and adventure tourism, fast-growing segments that are attracting increasing numbers of travellers looking for authentic, sustainable experiences. ATP remains optimistic that this positive trend will continue, forecasting an even more prosperous 2024 thanks to ongoing initiatives and the commitment of all players in the sector.



With this increase in visitor arrivals at the start of 2024, Panama confirms its position as the destination of choice in Latin America. The combination of improved infrastructure, international promotions and the country’s natural and cultural appeal promises to maintain this positive momentum throughout the year.



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