5 events in April not to be missed in Latin America!





from 01/04 to 09/04 – Córdoba International Craft Fair


The 40th edition of the International Handicrafts Fair in Cordoba – the most important in Latin America – offers the opportunity to discover the works of prestigious craftsmen from all over Latin America, who pass on the art and culture of their people through their know-how.






from 02/04 to 08/04 – Semana Santa


In Latin America, Holy Week and Easter are two of the most festive times of the year when Catholic heritage and popular culture are combined. There is a great diversity of celebrations, with traditions from Spain and Portugal revealing not only the vivacity of this Catholic heritage but also its theatrical integration with the local religions of the Andes, the Maya and the indigenous cultures. Between parades, processions, celebrations, gatherings and recollections, Holy Week and Easter are also a privileged moment to gather with friends and family.

From Popayán in Colombia, where the impressive celebrations are classified as intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO, to Antigua Guatemala, via Quito, Ayacucho in Peru or San Luis Potosi in Mexico, in every Latin American country you will find celebrations to attend during Semana Santa.







18/04 – Chiclayo Anniversary


Throughout the month of April, the city of Chiclayo will commemorate its 188th anniversary, with the central date of the celebrations being 18 April 2023. Throughout the month, numerous popular festivals, fireworks and sporting events will take place in the province.

The celebrations of the heroic city of Chiclayo start with the election of Miss Chiclayo. On the main day (18 April), the solemn mass and Te Deum are presided over by the Bishop of Chiclayo. There are also art festivals and musical performances by renowned national artists. Gastronomically, the region has many specialities, including its “potajes nativos” and traditional drinks.

The Chiclayo region, in the north of Peru, is booming as a tourist destination thanks to its numerous beaches, which are very popular with surfers, but also thanks to the archaeological treasures that can be discovered when visiting the extraordinary Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán!






from 18/04 to 02/05 – 35th Bogotá Book Fair (FILBo)


It is considered one of the three most important publishing events in Latin America and represents an important source of business for the publishing sector, positioning itself as the most important cultural event in Colombia and the Andean region.

It is a key event that brings together, as it does every year, a large number of national and international publishing professionals, as well as thousands of visitors who love the world of reading. During the fair, numerous meetings, conferences and workshops with personalities from the sector are organised every day for all audiences!

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from 26/04 to 30/04 – Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata

This unique event will be held in the city where this music was born: Valledupar. Also known as the “Great Festival of the Accordion”, the festivities include numerous activities such as: parades, musical competitions, thematic forums, religious celebrations and the famous “Cargas”: shows that re-enact the historical events that gave birth to the “Vallenata legend”.

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