5 traditional dishes to taste during your next trip to Peru

Peruvian gastronomy


Known for Machu Picchu and Pisco Sour, Peru still has many other surprises! In fact, its gastronomy is one of the best in Latin America and would almost compete with French one.

Divided into three climatic zones, Peru has many influences in its cooking, as much by the different indigenous cultures as by the Spanish or Chinese culture whose influences are still present in Peru.


This alliance of indigenous, Spanish and Chinese traditions has resulted in a real culinary mix of great richness.


There are three cooking depending on the region: the Andean one, where the potato, cereals, including the famous quinoa, and meat are the most used products, the cooking of the coast, where fish and fruits seafood are in the spotlight and where the Chinese culture is felt, and then comes the jungle cooking composed of amazing products.

Here is a selection of dishes that you absolutely have to taste on your next trip!



The country’s emblematic dish, is a mix of raw seafood cut into small marinated cubes in lime juice, peppers and onions. Serve alone or with sweet potatoes or corn. There are many restaurants offering this dish, but closer you get to the coast, better this dish will be!


Aji de gallina 

You will find this dish especially in Lima. Sliced chicken in sweet pepper cream, milk and spices, served with rice or potatoes, this dish was created by French chefs expatriates in Peru after the French Revolution but also has Creole origins.



Sensitive souls abstain. Cuy is a dish made of guinea pig mostly served whole. His flesh is similar to the rabbit. Very popular, it is prepared differently depending on the region.


Rocoto Relleno

Chilli stuffed with meat, raisins and cheese, it is usually served with potato gratin, Pastel de Papa. It is a typical dish of Arequipa.


Papa Rellena

These little stuffed and fried slippers are made of potatoes, meat, onions, olives and boiled eggs. A variant of this dish, the Yuca Rellena, where the potato is replaced by cassava, giving it a different flavor, to taste absolutely!


Pair your dish with a Pisco Sour, the traditional Peruvian drink or an Inca Kola, the country’s most popular chewing gum taste soda, dethroning even its American counterpart. And that marries perfectly with all the Peruvian dishes. Not to mention exceptional fruits such as Aguaje, Zapote, Camu Camu, Guanabana or Chirimoya de la Selva!