7th UNWTO World Wine Tourism Conference: Looking to the future

The 7th World Wine Tourism Conference, organised by the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), was recently held in the Rioja region of Spain. This major event brought together experts from over 40 countries, including France, South Africa, Chile, Argentina and the United States, marking an important milestone in the development of wine tourism worldwide.


Crédit : Organisation Mondiale du Tourisme

Credit: UNWTO

The conference highlighted the new trends and challenges facing the sector, including digitalisation, training and the territorial roots of wine tourism. Discussions highlighted the importance of integrating digital technologies to enhance the visitor experience and the management of wine destinations.

One of the highlights of the conference was the emphasis placed on training and education in the field of wine tourism. The experts stressed the need to develop specialised skills to ensure a quality offer and a memorable experience for tourists.

Territorial anchoring was also a central theme, with a call for greater integration of wine tourism into local development strategies. The UNWTO encouraged stakeholders in the sector to work closely with communities to promote sustainable and inclusive tourism.


The 7th UNWTO World Wine Tourism Conference was a fruitful forum for sharing ideas, experiences and best practices. It highlighted the potential of wine tourism as a driving force for the development and enhancement of wine-producing regions. With the outlook and commitments made at the conference, the future of wine tourism looks bright, rooted in innovation, sustainability and inclusion.



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