Brazil reaches 26,000 “Responsible Tourism” labels issued in the country

The Ministry of Tourism’s initiative aims to ensure the safety of people during tourist activities.

26,000 “Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism” stamps have been issued by The Ministry of Tourism for tourist activities throughout the country. This is a visual signal that identifies tourist establishments and guides who have committed to adopt a list of biosecurity protocols to protect tourists and workers from Covid-19. And, in this way, allow the resumption of tourist activities in a safer way in Brazil.

The stamp is available for 15 sectors related to tourism, such as lodging, theme parks, restaurants, cafes, bars, convention centers, fairs, exhibitions, tourist guides, among others. Each segment has a specific health protocol, developed in partnership with companies and institutions related to the sector, based on international guidelines. There is also a protocol aimed exclusively at tourists, with the guideline that everyone’s behavior protects everyone. The documents have been validated by the National Agency for Health Surveillance (ANVISA).

The segments with the highest number of adhesions to the label are: tourist agencies (7,971), accommodation establishments (5,817), tourist guides (3,747), tourist carriers (3,356) and restaurants, cafes, bars and others (1,746). The states with the highest number of adhesions to this initiative were São Paulo (5,045), Rio de Janeiro (3,910), Minas Gerais (2,232), Bahia (1,918) and Rio Grande do Sul (1,906).

The National Secretary of Development and Competitiveness of Tourism, William França, recalls that Brazil was one of the first ten countries in the world to launch protocols of biosecurity for the tourism sector. “The adhesion to the label “Responsible, Clean and Safe Tourism” shows the growing commitment of the Brazilian tourism sector to adapt to this new reality that requires security and protection measures against Covid-19″.

Companies that have obtained the label must affix it in a place easily accessible to the customer. The establishment can provide a QR Code with the stamp by which the traveler can consult the measures taken by this company and / or this professional.


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