Brazil shines with 42 Blue Flag beaches and marinas in 2023-2024

Brazil, a destination prized for its idyllic beaches and breathtaking scenery, is taking a major step towards promoting sustainable tourism. For the 2023-2024 season, the country is setting itself apart with 42 beaches and marinas awarded the prestigious Blue Flag label.


The Blue Flag

The Blue Flag is an international eco-label awarded to beaches and marinas that meet strict criteria for environmental management, safety, services and environmental education. The label, managed by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), is an internationally recognised mark of quality.


Brazilian Beaches and Marinas in the Spotlight

Plage de Peró, Cabo Frio - État de Rio de Janeiro (D.R.)

Peró Beach, Cabo Frio – State of Rio de Janeiro (D.R.)

Each of the 42 award-winning Brazilian beaches and marinas has demonstrated an outstanding commitment to sustainability, safety and environmental education. These sites are spread across various regions of Brazil, offering visitors a safe, clean and environmentally friendly experience. These awards are the result of joint efforts between local authorities, communities and environmental organisations. These collaborations have led to the implementation of sustainable practices, such as waste management, the protection of flora and fauna, and the education of visitors on the importance of preserving the marine environment.


Brazil, with its 42 beaches and marinas proudly displaying the Blue Flag, underlines the country’s commitment to offering quality tourism experiences, while preserving the natural beauty and biodiversity of its coasts. For travellers concerned about the environment, these beaches and marinas represent destinations of choice for enjoying the wonders of Brazil in a responsible manner.



Award-winning beaches and marinas for the 2023/2024 season:


State of Alagoas

Porto de Pedras : Patacho Beach


State of Bahia

Guarajuba : Paraíso Beach

Itacimirim : Espera Beach

Salvador : Ponta de Nossa Senhora de Guadalupe Beach, Viração Beach and Bahia Yacht Club


State of Ceará

Caucaia : Cumbuco Beach


State of Rio de Janeiro

Armação de Búzios : Forno Beach et Azeda and Azedinha Beach

Cabo Frío : Peró Beach

Iguaba Grande : Ubás Beach

Niterói : Plage de Sossego

Río de Janeiro : Prainha, Da Reserva Beach as well as the marinas Costabella, Angra dos Reyes, Club Náutico Santos

São Pedro da Aldeia : Pedras de Sapiatiba Beach

Saquarema : Pedras de Itaúna Beach


State of Santa Catarina

Balneário Camboriú : Taquaras Beach, Estaleiro Beach, Estaleirinho Beach, Marina Tedesco

Balneário Piçarras : Piçarras Beach, Playa Ponta do Jacques,

Bombinhas : Quatro Ilhas Beach, Mariscal Beach, Conceição Beach,

Florianópolis : Lagoa do Peri, Santa Catarina Yacht Club, Marina da Conceição

Itá : Itá Beach

Itajaí : Marina

Gobernador Celso Ramos : Praia Grande

São Francisco do Sul : Praia da Saudade, Praia Grande, Praia do Forte, Ervino Beach


State of São Paulo

Guarujá : Tombo Beach, Santos Yacht Club, Marinas Nacionales

Ubatuba : Voga Marine, Marina Kauai



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