Chamber of Gastronomic Tourism in Panama: A New Chapter in Culinary Promotion


Panama has taken a major step forward in the promotion of its culinary heritage with the creation of the first Chamber of Gastronomic Tourism. The initiative, celebrated by the Panama Tourism Authority (ATP), marks a significant turning point for the country’s tourism sector, aimed at boosting its appeal as a gastronomic destination of choice in Latin America.


A boost for Panamanian gastronomy

The Chamber of Gastronomic Tourism, created through close collaboration between the public and private sectors, aims to structure and boost Panama’s culinary offering, highlighting the richness and diversity of its cuisine.

Gastronomy is a central element of our cultural tourism heritage, and this initiative will make a significant contribution to the growth and diversification of our tourism offering,” said Denise Guillén, ATP administrator.


Objectives and missions of the Chamber

The new body’s mission will be to promote local products by highlighting the country’s culinary specialities and local ingredients, and to support Panamanian restaurateurs, chefs and agricultural producers. Finally, it will be responsible for attracting tourists in search of authentic gastronomic experiences through targeted marketing strategies.


Future events and initiatives

To mark this new stage, a number of events and initiatives will be launched over the coming months:

  • Gastronomic Festivals: Organisation of festivals to celebrate Panamanian cuisine and attract international travellers.
  • Training for Professionals: Training programmes for chefs and restaurateurs to promote innovation and culinary excellence.
  • Promotional campaigns: Marketing campaigns to promote Panama as a gastronomic destination in international markets.


Expected impact

The creation of the Chamber of Gastronomic Tourism should have several positive impacts for the country:

  • Strengthening of Culinary Identity: Highlighting Panama’s unique culinary identity on the international stage.
  • Economic development: Boosting the local economy by increasing the number of visitors and tourist spending.
  • Heritage enhancement: Promotion of Panama’s culinary heritage and gastronomic traditions.


The creation of the Chamber of Gastronomic Tourism in Panama represents a significant step forward for the country’s tourism sector. By showcasing the richness of its cuisine and supporting local players, this initiative strengthens Panama’s position as a destination of choice for food lovers. This new structure promises to boost gastronomic tourism and contribute to the country’s economic and cultural development.



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