Chile: Top destination for 2024 according to Lonely Planet

Chile has just received the “Best in Travel 2024” award from Lonely Planet, the famous travel guide, which ranked it among the top five places to visit in 2024. The award was presented to Cristóbal Benítez,Sernatur‘s National Director, on the second day of the World Travel Market in London. This recognition highlights the breathtaking diversity of Chile’s landscapes and the country’s commitment to sustainable tourism.


Cristóbal Benítez, le directeur national de Sernatur, recevant le prix Best in Travel 2024 (D.R.)

Cristóbal Benítez, National Director of Sernatur, receiving the Best in Travel 2024 award (D.R.)

Breathtaking landscapes

Chile, with its varied backdrops ranging from salty deserts and lush rainforests to majestic volcanoes, towering glaciers and mysterious fjords, offers an unrivalled travel experience. Iconic sites such as the majestic Torres del Paine, the volcanoes and forests near Pucón, and the picturesque and colourful streets of Valparaíso have been particularly recommended by the experts at Lonely Planet.


Rich and authentic gastronomy

Chilean gastronomy, famous for its local ingredients and unique flavours, was also highlighted. Travellers can expect a rich culinary experience, exploring a cuisine that takes advantage of the country’s diverse ecosystems.


Commitment to Sustainability

Chilean Patagonia has been named the second most sustainable place in the world, a recognition that underlines Chile’s commitment to preserving its natural landscapes while offering a responsible tourism experience. This sustainable approach is a key element in Chile’s growing appeal as a tourist destination.


A positive impact on tourism

These awards are expected to have a significant impact on Chilean tourism, reinforcing its image as a destination of choice for travellers from all over the world. Chile is ready to welcome visitors in search of natural beauty, adventure and authenticity, while ensuring a minimal ecological footprint.


With these new accolades, Chile is not only positioning itself as a must-see destination for travellers in 2024, but also as a leader in the promotion of sustainable and conscious tourism. Visitors can expect enriching experiences that respect and celebrate Chile’s natural environment and unique culture.


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