Confidential places in Mexico for passionate about art and culture

Mexico city

You want to know the treasures of Mexico that few tourists have the opportunity to discover ? Here are some museums that I recommend you!

The Franz Mayer Museum, named after the collector who created this museum, presents a sublime collection of carefully chosen pieces from the 16th to the 19th century: furniture, silverware, ceramics, sculpture and painting, not to mention art objects feather, ivory, lacquer, enamels and engravings! Everything is remarkable, including the building, a hospital held by religious for four centuries, with its cloister, huge halls, vaults and chapel. It is located on one side of Alameda, a historical park in central Mexico where Bellas Artes, where is located the capital’s museum and opera. This place full of history is a haven of peace in the heart of Mexico!

Most: if you want a unique place for a reception, the Franz Mayer Museum is perfect for that! Privatize the cloister, the library or a beautiful living room.

Before going to the MAP, go through the Diego Rivera Mural Museum, which houses a single work, miraculously saved: it was at the Hotel del Prado, which was destroyed during the gigantic earthquake of 1985. Restored, it sits in this museum built especially for her. This gigantic fresco is called Sueño de una tarde Sunday in Alameda Central (Dream of a Sunday afternoon on the Alameda). It brings together 150 emblematic characters from Mexico’s 400-year history; a masterful work signed by one of the great masters of Mexican muralism!

The Museum of Popular Art (MAP) is located in a former fire station, a few blocks from the Alameda. It brings together a fantastic and perfectly selected collection of all the treasures of the Folk Art of Mexico, in its innumerable ramifications. The pieces are pure jewels!

You will also find a small shop that welcomes visitors with beautiful objects that will make wonderful memories!

And the best for last, the MUCHO (Mundo Chocolate)! The chocolate museum is an extremely confidential and secret place! Founded in a mansion of the early twentieth century renovated with great creativity, it appeals to the 5 senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch …

Discover these different museums to become an expert on Mexican culture!