“Descubrí una Costa Rica de Sabores”: New Costa Rican Tourism Audiovisual Series

Gastronomic tourism is taking on a new dimension in Costa Rica with the release of the audiovisual series “Descubrí  una Costa Rica de Sabores” launched by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism (ICT). For the second year running, the series invites travellers from all over the world to explore the country’s unique flavours, highlighting the wealth of local produce and traditional recipes.


Crédit : ICT

Credit: ICT

Diving into Culinary Traditions

This series of five videos takes viewers on an immersive journey through different regions of Costa Rica, including Caño Negro, Tortuguero, Golfito and Pavones, San Vito de Coto Brus and Pérez Zeledón. It highlights the diversity of ingredients and dishes typical of each region, with recipes such as carne ahumada, sopa de mariscos, picadillo de plátano verde and ceviche de piangua.

Ireth Rodríguez, ICT’s Director of Promotion, describes the series as an invitation to a “virtual gastronomic journey”, with the aim of encouraging viewers to visit these regions and taste the flavours of Costa Rica for themselves.


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Tourism Promotion Strategy

The “Descubrí una Costa Rica de Sabores” series is part of ICT’s wider strategy to promote Costa Rica as a land of flavours to discover. In addition to the five main videos, the series also features complementary videos under the name “Con las Manos“, highlighting local gastronomic entrepreneurs, as well as the series El Sabor de las Sodas“, which presents those popular traditional restaurants that are a must-see – called “Soda” in Costa Rica – such as the Soda Las Palmeras in Caño Negro or the Soda Ebenezer in Pavones.

The first edition of the series, launched in January 2023, was a great success, documenting tourist and gastronomic sites across the country, helping to reinforce Costa Rica’s image as a destination where gastronomy plays a key role.


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International Resonance

The growing popularity of this series reflects travellers’ interest in Costa Rican gastronomy. According to a study carried out in 2023 by Two Much Research Studio, 47% of tourists associate Costa Rica with “good food”, a figure that has risen since 2018. This development shows that gastronomic tourism is an essential part of the travel experience, highlighting local flavours and culinary traditions.



The “Descubrí una Costa Rica de Sabores” series is an ambitious project that reinforces Costa Rica’s reputation as a tourist destination focused on gastronomy and unique cultural experiences. It is also helping to support local entrepreneurs, putting them in the spotlight, and promoting Costa Rica as a country where each region has its own delights to offer.



The different formats will be visible on the ICT’s social networks: Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.


Check out the first episode of “Con las Manos” below.


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