Direct flights between Beijing, Tijuana and Mexico City: a new boost for tourism and the economy


Hainan Airlines recently announced the resumption of direct flights between Beijing, China, and Tijuana and Mexico City. This reopening, scheduled for 12 July 2024, marks a significant turning point in air relations between China and Mexico, offering new opportunities for tourism and economic development in both regions.


A strategic connection

The direct Beijing-Tijuana-Mexico City route, which was interrupted because of the COVID-19 pandemic, is essential for strengthening trade and tourism links between Asia and Latin America. As the gateway to the Mexican state of Baja California, Tijuana is a strategic hub for travellers to the west of the country.


Benefits for tourism and the economy

The resumption of these flights is seen as a major opportunity to boost tourism and the local economy. From January to May 2024, 84,558 Chinese tourists visited Mexico, 48.3% more than in the same period in 2023. According to Tijuana’s Secretary of Tourism, this direct flight should attract a significant number of tourists from Asia, keen to discover Mexico’s cultural and natural riches.


Flight schedule :

Frequency: 2 flights per week
Monday and Friday
Flight: Beijing (20:35)* – Tijuana (17:55)* – Mexico City (23:59)*
Tuesday and Saturday
Flight: Mexico City (02:00) * – Tijuana (04:15) * – Beijing (09:55) * D+1
*local time


Promotions and marketing campaigns

To capitalise on this new route, intensive promotional campaigns are planned. The Tijuana Tourist Board, in collaboration with Hainan Airlines, will be implementing various initiatives to attract Asian tourists. These campaigns will include special offers, partnerships with travel agencies and launch events designed to promote Tijuana and the surrounding area as a destination of choice.


Infrastructure development

The resumption of Beijing-Tijuana flights is accompanied by infrastructure improvements at Tijuana airport, designed to accommodate the increased flow of international passengers. These improvements include extending terminals, increasing passenger handling capacity and improving customs and security services.


The reopening of the air link between Beijing and Mexico City via Tijuana is part of a wider strategy to strengthen links between China and Latin America. Experts believe that this initiative could serve as a model for other cities in the region, encouraged to establish direct connections with Asian destinations.



Photos: Hainan Airlines & Secretaria de Turismo de Baja California


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