Filandia: Immersion in the Authenticity of a Colombian Coffee Village

Nestled in Colombia’s picturesque coffee region, Filandia is a jewel of culture, history and nature. Although less well known than the famous Salento, it is just as charming and offers an authentic experience of life in the Colombian Andes. In fact, the World Tourism Organisation (WTO) has selected it in its list of the world’s most beautiful tourist villages in 2023!


A richly-coloured heritage

Village de Filandia

Credit: David Restrepo

Founded in 1878, Filandia captivates visitors with its colourful streets lined with houses with carved wooden balconies. This setting is a gateway to the soul of the village, where the architecture reflects the spirit and history of the people who live there.  From the Parc Bolivar, visitors are invited to stroll through the narrow streets, discovering charming corners and breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys.


The art of basketry



Filandia is renowned for its exceptional crafts, particularly basketry, handed down from generation to generation. The barrio San José is the centre of this craft, where visitors can watch craftsmen at work, creating works from natural fibres such as yaret and mimbre. A visit to the “Centro de Interpretacion del Bejuco al Canasto“, a space dedicated to this art, where it is also possible to take part in workshops to learn weaving techniques and appreciate the importance of this tradition for the local community.


Immersion in the Coffee Landscape

Région du café en Colombie

Credit: Michael Baron

The village is surrounded by UNESCO World Heritage coffee landscapes. Visitors can visit local fincas to discover the coffee production process, from plantation to cup. These tours offer not only knowledge but also a tasting of some of the best coffee in the world.

The Colina Iluminada viewpoint offers a breathtaking 360° view of Filandia and the surrounding area. Situated high above the village, this viewpoint offers a view of almost all the villages in the Quindío, the town of Pereira and, on a clear day, some of the villages in the neighbouring Valle del Cauca.


Natural adventures



For nature lovers, Filandia offers access to immersive experiences such as hiking the eco-historic trail or visiting the Barbas Bremen nature reserve. The latter is a unique opportunity to observe local wildlife, including howler monkeys, in a spectacular natural setting amid pine and eucalyptus forests.



Filandia is a celebration of Colombian authenticity, offering a getaway rich in cultural discoveries, natural adventures and enriching human encounters. To visit Filandia is to immerse yourself in a world where tradition meets tranquillity, ideal for those looking to get off the beaten track while staying close to the beating heart of Colombia.


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