Montezuma: A tropical Eden on the Nicoya Peninsula

Located on the Pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, Montezuma is a small village that embodies the quintessence of tropical living, a paradise for nature lovers and adventurers alike. This picturesque destination, once a peaceful fishing village, is now a popular destination for its bohemian atmosphere, idyllic beaches and breathtaking scenery.


A breathtaking natural setting

Montezuma is surrounded by lush tropical forests, refreshing waterfalls and fine sandy beaches. The Montezuma waterfall, accessible after a short hike, offers an impressive natural spectacle with its crystal-clear waters ideal for swimming. Beaches such as Playa Montezuma and Playa Grande are perfect for relaxing, sunbathing or surfing.


A wealth of flora and fauna

Montezuma’s biodiversity is remarkable. Visitors can observe a wide variety of animal species, including howler monkeys, iguanas and a multitude of exotic birds. The region is also an important nesting site for sea turtles, notably on the nearby beach of Playa Grande.


Culture and Lifestyle

Montezuma has a unique atmosphere, blending local and international influences. The village is full of small restaurants, cafés and craft shops. Local markets and art galleries reflect the creativity and art of living of the community. Nightlife, though modest, is lively with bars and beach parties, where music and dancing continue into the early hours.


Activities and Adventures

For adventure-seekers, Montezuma offers a multitude of activities. As well as swimming and surfing, visitors can go hiking, mountain biking, horse riding or explore the seabed by diving. Boat trips to Tortuga Island offer an unforgettable experience, with the chance to snorkel in crystal-clear waters.


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Getaways in the surrounding area

The Nicoya Peninsula is full of natural treasures. Destinations such as Cabo Blanco National Park, Costa Rica’s first protected area, and nearby villages such as Santa Teresa and Malpais, are within easy reach of Montezuma.



Montezuma proves to be an enchanting escape for those looking to immerse themselves in a spectacular natural setting, while enjoying a vibrant cultural atmosphere. This village, with its natural landscapes and thriving arts community, offers an authentic and memorable experience. Here, visitors can connect with nature, be inspired by local art, and enjoy unforgettable adventures. Montezuma is not just a destination to visit, it’s a place where you come to live every moment to the full, surrounded by the wild beauty and cultural richness of Costa Rica.



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