Paraty: Brazil’s historical and cultural jewel

Paraty, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a window on Brazil‘s colonial past. Founded by the Portuguese in 1667, it played a crucial role in the trade of precious stones and metals. Today, its cobbled streets, lined with colourful houses and whitewashed religious buildings, offer a fascinating glimpse of the colonial era, inviting travellers to immerse themselves in the city’s living history.


Culture and crafts

The beating heart of Paraty lies in its rich culture and crafts. The car-free historic centre, accessible by horse-drawn carriage, is a haven of peace for lovers of art and tradition. Local markets, such as the historic fish market, and events such as the International Literary Festival are great opportunities to discover local crafts, often created from natural materials such as banana fibre.


Paraty’s Cachaça

Paraty is also famous for its cachaça! Local distilleries open their doors to visitors to show them the process of distilling this emblematic drink. The tastings offer an immersion in the flavours and history of cachaça, a mainstay of Brazilian gastronomy and culture.


Water and nature experiences

Water-based activities in Paraty are a window onto the natural beauty of the region. From schooner trips to small fishing boats, visitors can explore one of the 65 islands and idyllic beaches of Paraty Bay, try their hand at traditional fishing or diving.

From Jabaquara beach, you can take a kayak trip. This activity offers a unique perspective on the bay, allowing visitors to sail at their own pace, exploring hidden corners and soaking up the tranquillity of this watery paradise.


Trindade and the Penha Slide

A short distance from Paraty, the village of Trindade is a paradise for lovers of beautiful beaches, offering perfect waves for surfing and stretches of sand for relaxing. Not far away, the Penha natural slide is a popular attraction, offering visitors the chance to slide down a natural smooth rock for a refreshing experience.


Practical tips

For the full experience, we recommend spending at least three days in Paraty, taking in the historic centre, the coastline and the hinterland. The city enjoys a pleasant climate all year round, with a dry period between February and April. Accessible from São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Paraty is the perfect getaway for those seeking a blend of history, culture and nature: an authentic and memorable Brazilian experience.


Photos: Rogerio Cassimiro/MTur


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