Association «Sowing Hope » of Lamay in Peru – A hope for young people.

Located at 2941 meters above sea level, Lamay is one of the eight districts of the Cala province in the department of Cusco and with only one road between Pisac, Urubamba and Ollantaytambo.

In this often-forgotten region of Cusco, the inhabitants do not receive economic benefits from tourism, the rates of child malnutrition and school dropout condemned the younger generations to an uncertain future without the possibility of being able to insert the growing demand for qualified staff.

It is because of this situation that in 1987 the religious created the Association called « Sembrando Esperanza » and the Santa Rosa Center. The Santa Rosa Center was originally intended for only girls and served as a boarding school but today it welcomes all children from rural communities who attend the San Luis Gonzaga school. Today Centro Santa Rosa offers Children a balanced diet, a space for academic and vocational training, guidance and as well as various creative workshops such as music, pottery, dance, weaving and horticulture.

Being aware of this problem, QUIMBAYA TOURS PERU has been for several years collaborating with Association « Sembrando Esperanza »

Every year we help Centro Santa Rosa school with material for everyday use for the children which is indispensable.

We have also contributed to the creation of a modern bakery, where children benefit from the program by receiving supervised training by professionals.

The Santa Rosa Center and the Association « Sembrando Esperanza »raises awareness of the importance of good nutrition, hygiene and respect for nature. They are preparing them to become leaders in their community because, in the long run, they will be the protagonists of social change in their region.

A message from Luz Lozano, Country Manager QUIMBAYA TOURS PERU:

“Thanks to the experience gained and the success of this project to support the children of the Santa Rosa Center, we are now working with this Association in another project to support the elderly in a situation of abandonment in the mountainous areas.  We hope to start soon, we will keep you up to date “


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