Taking action to protect the largest urban forest in the world



Panorama from the peak of Tijuca

Panorama from the peak of Tijuca

It’s in the heart of the National Park of Tijuca, the largest urban forest in the world, in the city of Rio de Janeiro, that QUIMBAYA TOURS BRAZIL has entered a partnership with the Chico Mendes Institute which is working to preserve biodiversity (ICMBio).

Different initiatives are being organized through weekly meetings to preserve this exceptional place, which is home to, among others, the famous Christ the Redeemer. Volunteers could contribute to the plantation of young tree shoots, to redevelopment, or signposting of pedestrian trails.

From now on, we have included the discovery of this zone in our programs, in addition to the indispensable visits of the panoramic viewpoints of the city—an activity which has contributed to environmental preservation and therefore, allows for an original and unique experience.

During the discovery of one of the four areas which comprises Tijuca, our visitors enjoy activities such as hiking, swimming under waterfalls in the heart of the tropical forest, as well as the discovery of hundreds of protected species which comprise such a unique fauna and flora.

The activities are carried out according to group composition, but above all according to the needs and availability of the Chico Mendes Institute. During these activities our passengers share their discoveries with students and researchers who work to protect this preserved zone of the Brazilian megalopolis.


A word from Sylvain Barbarulo, Country Manager QUIMBAYA TOURS BRAZIL:

“Brazil is above all a natural country. During this difficult year, our country needs help from everyone. When we see the fires in the Amazon, we can think that planting a tree isn’t much, but today, even the smallest amount of help is welcome. We can all help!”



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