The new faces of travellers in Latin America

Latin America is witnessing a significant transformation in the world of tourism. The COVID-19 pandemic has not only reshaped travel practices, but has also given rise to new profiles of travellers, each with unique aspirations and motivations. These profiles were highlighted in the study “What are the new profiles of travellers in Latin America?” by Agence de Communication Another, the results of which are given below.


The Experience Traveller

Credit: Ecuador Ministry of Tourism

Credit: Ecuador Ministry of Tourism

In search of authentic and unique experiences, this type of traveller favours less conventional destinations and immerses himself in local cultures, often in a spirit of support for local communities. Their travel is a quest for personal discovery and authentic interaction with the places they visit.


The Guilt-Free Traveller



This traveller values relaxation and disconnection. They look for tranquil destinations, often in paradise, and enjoy luxurious gastronomic experiences. Their trip is an escape from everyday life, a time to relax without a hectic schedule.



The Zen Traveller



This profile focuses on travel that offers personal and spiritual growth. They take part in yoga and meditation retreats and explore local cultures in a quest for physical and mental well-being. Their journey is a path to self-discovery and inner peace.


The Digital Nomad



This type of traveller combines work and exploration. They work remotely while discovering new cultures and making meaningful human connections. Their lifestyle is a mix of work, adventure and cultural discovery.



The Set Jetter

Inspired by cultural trends and the media, this traveller seeks to recreate in real life what he sees on screen. He actively shares his experiences on social networks, influenced by entertainment and popular culture.


“After a (forced) pause around travel, we can see a latent global restructuring and a desire to explore like never before. People are ready to invest in travel experiences that transcend the ordinary, especially those that meet their current aspirations as travellers, sparking a desire for discovery and planning around entertainment, culture, fun, emotional healing and unforgettable adventures,” said Mariana Carreon, director of research and cultural strategy at Another.


These new profiles of travellers to Latin America represent a diversity of needs and preferences. To meet these changing demands, marketing professionals and the tourism industry need to adapt to these emerging trends. The key to building solid relationships and ensuring the satisfaction of these travellers is to adapt to their unique expectations and desires.

Latin America, with its breathtaking natural landscapes, rich culture and history, offers fertile ground for these new types of travellers. As the world recovers from the pandemic, these traveller profiles are poised to redefine tourism in the region, seeking more personalised, authentic and enriching experiences.


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