Tourism in Colombia: Guajira sets its sights on 2026

Guajira, a Colombian region located in the north-east of the country, is an emerging tourist region that should become a leading destination in the next few years thanks to significant investment by the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism and the National Tourism Fund (Fontur).

Playa Dorada y Playa del Pilon de Azucar, Guajira (Crédit : Sébastien Walkowiak)

Playa Dorada y Playa del Pilon de Azucar, Guajira (Credit: Sébastien Walkowiak)

This investment of more than 7,120 million Colombian Pesos is part of the new narrative of the country brand “Colombia, el país de la belleza” (Colombia, the land of beauty), which aims to attract at least 7.5 million tourists by 2026. Guajira, with its natural and cultural beauty, is one of the new destinations highlighted by this campaign, which also includes the Amazon, Orinoco, the Pacific coast and navigation on the Magdalena river.

A total of 11 projects have been approved to promote the region. The aim is to highlight the richness of La Guajira and develop authentic and transformative experiences for visitors.

Salinas de Manaure, Guajira (Credit: Sébastien Walkowiak)

Salinas de Manaure, Guajira (Credit: Sébastien Walkowiak)

La Guajira, with its desert landscapes, pristine beaches and indigenous Wayuu community – the largest in South America – offers unique tourism potential. The recent investment is aimed at strengthening this offering, by creating infrastructure to improve regional road and river connectivity, promoting the region through marketing initiatives and improving tourism competitiveness.

Speaking at the IV Anato Tourism Congress held in Rioacha, Arturo Bravo, Deputy Minister of Tourism, said: “We are promoting the department of La Guajira as a national and international tourist destination through the implementation of infrastructure works, the promotion of tourist attractions, beach management and beach certification. With this work, we aim to generate a direct impact on the economic, social and cultural development of the area”. Indeed, this investment should significantly benefit local communities in terms of job creation, stimulation of local economic development and cultural preservation, thus promoting equitable and sustainable growth in the region.

This initiative is not just about promoting tourism; it is also about attracting foreign investment and strengthening Colombia‘s trade links with the rest of the world. Guajira is ready to position itself as a must-see destination for travellers in search of beauty, culture and adventure.


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