Visit Argentina presents its new visual identity

Based on the concept of “Infinity”, to encompass the multiple possibilities for world travellers to discover Argentina, the new visual identity of Visit Argentina, which was already exhibited at FITUR 2021, is fundamentally distinguished by its modern and diverse spirit.

Wide open spaces? Yes. Nature? Yes. Seas and mountains? Yes. Seas and mountains? Argentina’s geographical diversity is incredible and offers travellers an inexhaustible choice of itineraries to discover and experience the country.

Based on this basic idea, crystallised by the concept of “Infinity”, Argentina’s National Institute for Tourism Promotion (INPROTUR) presented its new visual identity on the first day of the FITUR 2021 international tourism trade fair, which was held from 19 to 23 May in Spain.

“We took “infinity” as the main idea to represent the multiplicity of options available to tourists who come to visit Argentina.

The aim was to offer a clear and strong representation of Visit Argentina’s values. Once the health conditions allow it, we propose a country of more than 5,000 kilometres from north to south, safe, renewed and waiting with open arms for the international travel community”, said Ricardo Sosa, Executive Secretary of INPROTUR.

The elements that define the new identity and that seek to have an impact on tourism activity highlight the Great Spaces, through their diversity and contrasts, but also that inexhaustible offer in a country that has everything to please: culture, nature, architecture, gastronomy, the warm welcome of its people and more.

The symbol of infinity is associated with binoculars to see into the distance, the wheels of a car to travel around the country, a bicycle, the waves of the Argentinean sea, the attentive eyes of our people and everything else a tourist can imagine.

Given the current impossibility of travelling around the world due to the pandemic, INPROTUR invites you to dream of this adventure in Argentina: “We are waiting for you, we are preparing and as soon as the health conditions allow it, you will be able to travel through the infinite universe of the six Argentinean regions again”.



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