World Travel Awards 2023: Chile and Peru shine on the world stage

Winners of the 2023 World Travel Awards (Credit: WTA)

Winners of the 2023 World Travel Awards (Credit: WTA)

Latin America continues to establish itself as a leading tourism destination, as the results of the 30th World Travel Awards show. At the ceremony held in Dubai on December 1, Peru and Chile shone particularly brightly, winning prestigious awards that underline the cultural, gastronomic and ecological richness of these destinations.


Peru: A Cultural and Gastronomic Mosaic

(Crédit : WTA)

(Crédit : WTA)

Peru was crowned in two major categories, affirming its position as a world cultural and culinary centre.

World’s Leading Cultural Destination 2023: This recognition highlights Peru’s cultural diversity, its archaeological sites, such as the famous Machu Picchu, its ancestral traditions and its colourful festivals.

World’s Leading Culinary Destination 2023: Peruvian cuisine, with its unique flavours and incredible diversity, continues to seduce palates around the world and offers an unparalleled gastronomic experience.


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In addition, Lima, the capital of Peru, has been named World’s Leading Heritage City Destination 2023, highlighting its rich historical and architectural heritage.


Chile: An Ecological Eden

Chile won the award for the World’s Leading Green Destination 2023, confirming its commitment to sustainable tourism and the preservation of its breathtaking natural landscapes.

Chile, with its deserts, forests, mountains and coasts, offers unique nature experiences. This award recognises the country’s efforts to protect its ecosystems while offering responsible and enriching tourism experiences.

Our partner – member of Visit Latin America – Explora, receives two awards including World’s Leading Expedition Company and World’s Leading Sustainable Lodge for their Explora Patagonia National Park hotel in Chile.


The World Travel Awards 2023 once again highlighted the richness and diversity of Latin America. Peru and Chile, with their respective awards, demonstrate that this region of the world is a treasure trove of cultural, gastronomic and ecological discoveries. These awards are a tribute to the natural beauty, cultural richness and exquisite cuisine of Latin America, inviting travellers to explore these exceptional destinations.


The full results are available at the following link: World Travel Awards 2023.



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