Chile announces the end of mandatory vaccination and PCR tests for entry into the country

With the end of the “Protected Borders Plan”, vaccination certificates and random tests will no longer be required.

The measure announced by the Ministry of Health follows the declaration by the World Health Organisation (WHO) of the end of the Public Health Emergency of International Importance (PHEIC) due to SARS-CoV2.


What does the end of the “Secure Borders Plan” imply?

The health resolution establishes that the requirement for a PCR test on entry to the country is abolished; the COVID-19 vaccination certificate and the random tests on travellers, as established by the plan, are abolished. In other words, Chile no longer has health requirements for passengers coming from abroad.

“This measure allows the industry to return to the long-awaited scenario of normality. Inbound tourism is being reactivated; in fact, we expect 3.5 million foreign tourists to arrive in our country by the end of 2023 and we hope that this announcement will give a new impetus to this process. This is an excellent opportunity to promote Chile as a unique and world-class destination”, said the Undersecretary for Tourism, Verónica Pardo Lagos.

The Undersecretary of Tourism added that “it is also important to thank the different entities and associations of the tourism industry for their collaboration and work during more than three years of international health emergency and for being relevant actors in the implementation of measures and the construction of agreements to make them more flexible” and reiterated the call for responsible tourism in all areas.

The Ministry of Health stated that it was important to stress that, although the epidemiological scenario regarding COVID-19 is declining, the circulation of other respiratory viruses has been advanced as winter approaches. It is therefore important to keep vaccination up to date, both against COVID-19 and influenza, and to maintain the good health practices learned during the pandemic: frequent hand washing, ventilation of enclosed spaces and use of masks when respiratory symptoms occur.

Source: Trade News Chile


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