Michelin Guide: Argentina makes its debut

The arrival of the famous Michelin Guide in Argentina marks a historic turning point in the world of South American gastronomy. For the first time, the guide, renowned for its rigorous assessment of restaurants around the world, will be highlighting the rich culinary culture of Argentina, the first Spanish-speaking country in South America to be included in its pages.

Matías Lammens, ministre argentin du Tourisme et des Sports et Elisabeth Boucher-Anselin, directrice de la communication de Michelin Expérience (Crédit : Guide Michelin)

Matías Lammens, Argentina’s Minister of Tourism and Sport, and Elisabeth Boucher-Anselin, Michelin Expérience Communications Director (Credit: Guide Michelin)

The Michelin Guide has announced its arrival in Argentina with an inaugural selection of restaurants for the city of Buenos Aires and Mendoza, to be presented on 24 November 2023. This inclusion in the Michelin Guide family, which already includes more than 40 gastronomic destinations around the world, is a true recognition of Argentina’s rich culinary culture and an international celebration of its vibrant culinary scene.

“The arrival of the Michelin Guide in Argentina marks a turning point for our gastronomy and Argentine tourism. We are working with the public and private sectors to make our country the leading gastronomic destination in Latin America and one of the most attractive in the world, and this announcement is proof of that”, said Matías Lammens, Argentina’s Minister of Tourism and Sport.

Argentina, shaped by centuries of history and successive waves of migration, has an innate sense of hospitality and a real taste for gastronomy and the art of the table. Buenos Aires and Mendoza are two gastronomic destinations that fully deserve to be discovered and promoted. The restaurants will be selected independently by the Michelin Guide’s anonymous inspectors, following the Guide’s historical and worldwide methodology based on 5 criteria:

  • Product quality ;
  • Mastery of cooking techniques;
  • The harmony of flavours;
  • The personality of the chef represented in the cuisine;
  • Consistency between the inspectors’ visits and across the menu as a whole.


The Red Guide

The Michelin Guide, also known as the Red Guide, was created in 1900 by the famous French tyre company Michelin. At a time when there were barely 3,000 cars in the country, the guide’s aim was to provide travellers with useful information, such as maps, tips on how to change a tyre, where to fill up with fuel, and where to relax after a day of adventure. Today, the guide’s mission is not only to guide international travellers and local gourmets to the best restaurants, but also to highlight the world’s culinary scene and promote travel culture.

The arrival of the famous guide is recognition of the innovation and creativity of Argentina’s chefs and provides an opportunity for gourmets around the world to discover the culinary delights that Argentina has to offer.


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