The 10 Best Beaches in Rio de Janeiro: Part 1

Rio de Janeiro, with its heady mix of lush mountains, vibrant urban culture and sun-drenched shores, is home to some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. In this first part, we explore five of Rio’s ten coastal gems, where golden sands meet crystal-clear Atlantic waters, providing a sanctuary for souls in search of sun, surf and samba.



Copacabana: The Iconic

Crédit : Eelco Bohtlingk

Credit: Eelco Bohtlingk

Known as ‘Princesinha do Mar‘ (Little Princess of the Sea), this iconic beach stretches for 4km, bordered by the Avenida Atlântica. Its blend of vibrant beach culture and history makes it a must-see for any visitor. Day or night, Copacabana is a spectacle of life, where locals (Cariocas) and tourists mingle in a continuous celebration of joie de vivre.



Ipanema: The Elegant One

Crédit : David Jenkins

Credit: David Jenkins

Immortalised in the song “The Girl from Ipanema“, this beach is synonymous with elegance and sophistication. With its breathtaking views over the Dois Irmãos, Ipanema is the meeting place for chic and trendy sun lovers. Each station (stretch of beach) attracts a different crowd, offering a unique experience for everyone.



Leblon: The Peaceful



Just off Ipanema, Leblon attracts those seeking a more relaxed atmosphere. Popular with families and groups of friends, this beach is the ideal place to enjoy the sun with a little more peace and quiet, while still being close to the area’s upmarket bars and restaurants.



Praia do Arpoador: The Surf Spot

Crédit : Cerqueira

Credit: Cerqueira

Renowned for its impressive waves, Arpoador is Rio’s surfer’s paradise. Between Ipanema and Copacabana, this rock offers one of the best spots for catching waves or simply admiring the city’s most applauded sunset.




Praia de Botafogo: The Unimaginable View



Offering spectacular views of Sugarloaf, Botafogo isn’t your typical sunbathing beach, but rather a magnificent urban waterfront, ideal for a relaxing stroll or to enjoy water sports in the calm waters of Guanabara Bay.



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These beaches are just the start of discovering Rio de Janeiro’s incredible coastline. Each offers a window into the vibrant soul of the city, reflecting the diversity and natural beauty of this enchanting metropolis. Stay tuned for the second part of our journey, next week, through Rio’s most captivating beaches.


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