Laguna is an eco-touristic lodge, located in Tortuguero in the northern Caribbean of Costa Rica. The area has amazing rivers, lakes and wetlands that shelter a lush jungle of primary forests and exotic plants.

The lodge is built on a narrow strip of land, 650 feet wide, between Tortuguero´s main lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. Its rooms, reception, restaurants, bars and swimming pools are distributed amidst six acres of wonderful gardens with amazing views of the lagoon and direct access to the beach.

Since 1990 Laguna Lodge has been growing to become the leading hotel in the area for its infrastructure, friendly staff and its concern for nature and the community.

Our tour packages range from one to two nights and include transportation, all meals, accommodation, tours and bilingual tour guides throughout the trip. We offer daily departures from San Jose.

After taking a walk through our gardens we will have the opportunity to taste some Caribbean snacks. Ms. Evelyn (an old lady that live in Tortuguero since 1990) will be ready waiting for you with some snack as: paty, plantin tard, coconut caramel, patacones and agua de sapo for drink. She will explain us how they prepare the food, why the use coconut oil, the reason of the agua de sapo name for the typical drink and all the important facts about Caribbean food. 

After that we will have the opportunity to experience how they prepare the patacones. Each one of us will have the chance of making some patacones with Ms. Evelyn help. Once we finish making the patacones we will have the experience to taste each snack and learn a about the Caribbean cuisine.

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Mangrove Swallows

This bird is native of Central America. They normally inhabit the tropical mangrove forest, wetlands and seasonally wet grasslands. Thanks to the fact that tropical rain forest predominates in the Tortuguero National Park, we can observe them in small groups on the banks of the canals. They fly near the surface of the water to get their food; their diet is based on insects such as flies and ants. They are 13cm long and weigh approximately 14g. An adult swallow is characterized by the blue-green color on its back, its lower part and torso is white.



Costa Caribe Norte, Tortuguero. Costa Rica


 + 51 (54) 21 5110




  • Pools

  • Free Internet

  • Restaurant

  • Bar/Lounge

  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner included

  • Botanical Garden

  • Frog Pond

  • Beach Access

  • Hammocks place

  • Gift Shop