Tierra Hotels is a family of boutique hotels located in spectacular destinations in Chile. Guests are encouraged to enjoy a wide variety of inspired expeditions, authentic dining and lodges that exude relaxation and comfort in their very design.

With enchanting settings, each with its own breath-taking view, our three lodges await the discerning traveler. Moving your way from north to south, you will find Tierra Atacama in the starry desert of the altiplano. Tierra Chiloé among the austral waters of the Pacific Ocean and at the ends of the earth Tierra Patagonia.

Tierra Hotels offers seamless vacations in far-away places that feel like home.


The spirit of the Altiplano

Tierra Atacama Hotel and Spa is a sun swept 32-room desert oasis in northern Chile. Known for its dramatic architecture and locally inspired interiors the lodge offers a cozy and authentic environment.

Tierra Atacama is a boutique hotel on the edge of San Pedro de Atacama that combines outdoor adventure and sports with indoor comforts, hospitality and excellent service. Tierra Atacama’s architecture, interior design and gardens were designed by some of Chile’s leading creative talent. Our objectives were to be as authentic as possible, using furniture and accessories handmade with local materials, while also creating a place that allows guests to relax, spoil themselves and enjoy the good-life in this magical part of the earth.

Our ambiance is casual and friendly; we want our guests to be comfortable in our common areas just as if they were in their own homes. Enjoy one of the welcoming private corners of the hotel such as a seat by one of the terrace fire pits, lounge next to the pool or relax on one of the shady outdoor decks. When night falls, take in the brilliant stars, bask in the peace and wonder that is the Atacama Desert.


The spirit of the island

Tierra Chiloé Hotel & Spa is located on a largely unexplored island that has rich and timeless culture. The rolling countryside and blue waters of the inland Pacific are the setting for the sustainable 24-room lodge.

Tierra Chiloé’s sustainable architecture reflects traditional local houses built on stilts over the water. Our all inclusive programs mean that you can enjoy farm fresh food, meet local artisans, discover remote islands on our private boat, and explore historic Jesuit wooden churches, which are World Heritage Sites.

The new facilities of Tierra Chiloé include 2 suites and 5 family rooms as well as beautifully styled living and dining spaces. An expanded Uma spa features a heated outdoor pool overlooking the Pacific.

With a warm atmosphere and a friendly team of staff, the hotel invites you to discover a slower pace of life.


The spirit of the Far South

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa is an architectural marvel that blends seamlessly into the Patagonian pampa. Here, at the ends of the earth, you will enjoy inspiring views of Torres del Paine National Park from every corner of the 40-room lodge.

The building is immersed in the landscape and emerges from the hillside. The award winning architecture complements the flow of the geology in this privileged location and showcases the magnificent views of the Torres del Paine National Park, declared a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 1978.

Inside, wood clad walls emanate warmth, safety and protection – a cozy hideaway after a day spent discovering the amazing Patagonian outdoors. The essence of the interior decoration mirrors the design of our sister hotel, Tierra Atacama and here, as there, furnishings and textiles were hand made by Chilean craftspeople, using natural materials from the region, high quality workmanship and inspiration from the surrounding estancias as well as the influence of the native Tehuelche people.

The ambience of Tierra Patagonia is casual and friendly, the different spaces created by the designers mean that guests can mingle and get to know one another or find a quiet corner to relax and get away from it all.

Tierra Atacama Boutique Hotel & Spa

Tierra Chiloe Hotel & Spa

Tierra Patagonia Hotel & Spa

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  • Spa
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