Peru the heart of the Inca Empire and many other ancient civilizations, represented by such iconic sites as the Machu Picchu, the Kuélap Fortress and the Nazca lines. The territory of Peru can be split into 3 large areas, each one offering treasures awaiting to be revealed. This diversity makes Peru one of Latin America’s must-see destinations.


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The Kuélap Fortress

Located at an altitude of around 3,000 meters above sea level, Kuélap is an archeological site that extends through 460 hectares.

This territory was occupied for decades by the Chachapoyas Andean people (between 1200 and 1470 AD). They were named “Chacha Puyu” by the Incas, which means “people of the clouds“. Built in the 10th century, the Fortress was discovered by Juan Crisostomo Nieto in 1834

It is characterized in particular by the 20 meters high linear walls with only three entrances that are shrinking gradually so that only one person can go inside the fortress. Inside, we can find at least 420 round buildings split in 2 levels, the Pueblo Alto (uptown) and the Pueblo Bajo (downtown). The site, accessible from the Nuevo Tingo village, is open daily from 8:00am to 4:00pm. The cable cars allow visitors to climb a 4km mountain in 20 minutes at an altitude of up to 3,000 meters above sea level.

Royal Tombs Museum of Sipán

Chan Chan city

The Mochica culture

Thanks to these cable cars, visitors will have easy access to the Kuélap Fortress, one of the most important archeological sites in the North of the country. It contributes to the tourism development strategy built for the region and the north of the country.

The cable cars allow visitors to climb a 4km mountain in 20 minutes at an altitude of up to 3,000 meters above sea level. “This is a modern, fast and safe mean of transportation. Travelers who want to reach the Fortress of Kuélap from Nuevo Tingo can now use this new alternative transportation.”

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LATAM airlines connects Kuélap with the new Lima-Jaén flight

Hotel renovation in the region of Amazonas

LATAM Airlines, since September 30, 2016, has been operating a direct and daily flight between Lima and Jaén in Northern Peru. This new service diversifies the tourism offerings in Peru by creating a direct connection with the Northern regions, which boast hidden treasures such as the Citadel of Kuélap, the Gocta Falls, the sarcophagus of Karajia and the amazing fauna and flora of the Amazonas region.

Casa Hacienda Hotel reopens in the village of Achamaqui. It is located at 30-minute drive from the city Chachapoyas. The hotel offers 31 rooms, a meeting room, an outdoor swimming pool and vegetable gardens. Casa Hacienda is located near the main landmarks of the region like the fortress of Kuélap, the Gocta Falls and the Museum of Leymebamba. The hotel is set in a colonial decor which leads into the banks of the river of Utcubamba.




The archeological complex of Choquequirao

Choquequirao, which means « Cradle of Gold » in Quechua, is an old Inca citadel located in the Vilcabamba mountain range in the Cusco region in the southern part of the country. Choquequirao is located near the mountain of Salcantay at 3,033 meters above sea level and overlooks the Rio Apurimac valley. In the last few years, the site which is part of the Salcantay Archeological Park, acquired a tourist and cultural importance due to its impressive terraces, platforms, sacred centers, temples and canals linked by wide stairs and its large trail network.

Vinicunca, the majestic multicolored mountain in Peru

The mountain range of Vilcanota, in the Cusco region hides one of the most beautiful landscapes in Peru: Vinicunca, the rainbow mountain.

It is located in the Province of Quispicanchi, surrounded of peaks of over 5,000 meters above sea level.

Its colors are all natural, created by many eroded sedimentary rocks.



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Important notice : from June 2018, to go to Peru, it will now be necessary for French citizens to have a passport still valid for at least 6 months, from the arrival in the Peruvian territory..

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