The Best Cities to Eat and Drink: Mexico City and Lima top the Food & Wine rankings

Every year, food lovers the world over are delighted to discover Food & Wine’s ranking of the Top International Cities for Food and Drinks. In 2024, two Latin American cities stand out in particular: Mexico City in third place and Lima in Peru in fifth place. These distinctions highlight the exceptional culinary richness of the region.


Mexico City: A fusion of tradition and innovation

Ranked third, Mexico City is renowned for its dynamic culinary scene that blends tradition and innovation. The Mexican capital is a true gourmet’s paradise, offering an impressive variety of dishes from street tacos to the sophisticated creations of Michelin-starred chefs. Vibrant flavours, local ingredients and passionate chefs make Mexico City a must-visit destination for food lovers.


Lima: The Heart of Peruvian Gastronomy

Lima, in fifth place, is often considered the gastronomic capital of South America. The city is the cradle of modern Peruvian cuisine, which combines indigenous, Spanish, African and Asian influences. Signature dishes such as ceviche and lomo saltado, served in world-renowned restaurants, attract gourmets from all over the world. Lima is also the home of Mérito, which was crowned best international restaurant by Food & Wine in 2024.


The best restaurants in Latin America according to Food & Wine

In addition to the cities, several Latin American restaurants stand out in Food & Wine’s ranking of the best international restaurants:

  • Mérito in Lima, Peru: Topping the ranking, Mérito is celebrated for its inventive cuisine that pays homage to Peruvian culinary traditions while incorporating modern techniques.
  • Celele in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia: Ranked sixth, this restaurant offers innovative Caribbean cuisine, highlighting local ingredients and the unique flavours of the region.
  • Cocina de Humo in Oaxaca, Mexico: Ranked seventh, this restaurant is renowned for its traditional dishes prepared using ancestral techniques.
  • Indigo in Arequipa, Peru: In twelfth place, Indigo is known for its creative use of local produce and its contemporary approach to Peruvian cuisine.


These distinctions highlight the growing influence of Latin American cuisine on the world gastronomic scene. The chefs of these restaurants are not only masters of gastronomy, but also cultural ambassadors who share the culinary riches of their countries with the rest of the world.


About Food & Wine and its Experts

Food & Wine is a renowned publication in the world of gastronomy, known for its enlightened reviews, culinary guides and prestigious rankings. Founded in 1978, the magazine is dedicated to discovering the best dining experiences around the world. Food & Wine’s rankings are compiled by a team of renowned experts, including Michelin-starred chefs, food critics, sommeliers and food writers. Their expertise and passion for gastronomy guarantee rigorous and impartial assessments, providing a quality benchmark for lovers of good food.



This year’s Food & Wine ranking confirms that Latin America is a top destination for gourmets. From the bustling streets of Mexico City to the refined restaurants of Lima, the region offers unrivalled culinary diversity. These awards are well-deserved recognition for the talented chefs and rich culinary traditions that make Latin America a true gastronomic paradise.


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