Crossing Time in Chiclayo: History, Nature and Gastronomy in Northern Peru

Northern Peru is a region of contrasts and wonders, where the echoes of ancient civilisations mingle with the vibrancy of nature and culinary riches: Chiclayo, Lambayeque and Pimentel. These territories, woven from history and bathed in the generosity of the land and the ocean, invite you on an extraordinary journey.


A historic journey

Musée des Tombes Royales de Sipán

Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán

The Chiclayo region is a veritable history book, with each archaeological site recounting fascinating chapters of pre-Columbian civilisation. At the centre of this wealth of history is the Museum of the Royal Tombs of Sipán, a window onto the world of the ancient Mochicas. This museum, designed as a replica of a royal tomb, houses the incredibly well-preserved treasures of the Lord of Sipán, a Moche ruler of capital importance, discovered in the 1980s. The display of jewellery, ceramics and funerary offerings is a poignant testimony to the sophistication, beliefs and social organisation of this thousand-year-old culture.

Tombe du Seigneur de Sipán

Tomb of the Lord of Sipán

The visit doesn’t stop there: the Huaca Rajada archaeological complex, where the Lord of Sipán was discovered, offers an insight into the construction techniques and burial systems of the Moches. Another must-see site is the Túcume complex, nicknamed the Valley of the Pyramids, featuring a spectacular landscape of 26 pyramids, bearing witness to the ingenuity and power of these ancient peoples.


The natural and cultural riches of Lambayeque

Lambayeque doesn’t just offer a journey through history; the region is also endowed with exceptional natural wealth. The Bosque de Pómac Historic Sanctuary, one of Peru’s unique ecosystems, stands out for its dry forest featuring thousand-year-old trees such as the “Algarrobo“. This sanctuary is not only a haven for biodiversity, including endemic and migratory species, but also an important archaeological site with pre-Inca pyramids scattered throughout the forest.


Pimentel: A Window on the Ocean

Just a few kilometres from Chiclayo, the seaside town of Pimentel offers a beautiful escape to the Pacific coast. Not only is it a popular destination for its beaches and lively seafront, it’s also a place steeped in history. Local fishermen still use ‘Caballitos de Totora’, small traditional reed rafts, a direct legacy of the region’s pre-Columbian cultures. Pimentel is also an ideal base for exploring coastal archaeological sites and enjoying the marine delights of Peruvian gastronomy.


Gastronomy: A feast for the senses

Caballitos de Totora

Caballitos de Totora

The region is a gourmet’s paradise, a celebration of the diversity and richness of local produce. This area, blessed by the sea and fertile land, offers a cuisine rich in flavour and tradition. One of the must-try dishes is “arroz con pato“, where duck is cooked with rice, coriander and beer, reflecting the Spanish and Andean influences. Ceviche de conchas negras“, a unique version of Peruvian ceviche with black cockles, is an explosion of marine flavours. These dishes, accompanied by “chicha de jora“, a traditional fermented drink, invite you on a culinary journey.


Chiclayo, Lambayeque and Pimentel together form a triptych of discoveries where history, culture and nature intertwine to offer visitors an authentic and diverse Peruvian experience. These destinations invite you on an enriching journey, where every step reveals the wonders of the past and the natural treasures of the present.


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