Excellence at altitude: SERNATUR’s initiative for mountain guides

Chile’s National Tourism Service (SERNATUR) recently took an important step towards recognising and enhancing the status of mountain guides, by initiating the distribution of official accreditations to these specialised professionals. The aim of this initiative is to enhance the safety and quality of tourist experiences in mountain environments, while at the same time highlighting the importance of preserving these unique ecosystems.


Deserved recognition for mountain guides



Mountain guides play a crucial role in the tourism industry, not only offering unforgettable experiences to adventurers but also ensuring their safety in often difficult conditions. The awarding of the accreditations by SERNATUR is recognition of their expertise and their commitment to responsible and sustainable practices.


Sernatur’s national director, Cristóbal Benítez, explained that “This title is official and specialised recognition from the State. All the professionals we are recognising today have completed a course in first aid in remote areas, such as WAFA or WFR, which guarantees the safety of the tourists who use their services.”


A commitment to sustainable development

The awarding of these accreditations is part of a wider initiative to promote sustainable tourism. By officially recognising specialist guides, SERNATUR is encouraging environmentally-friendly practices and helping to preserve Chile’s natural landscapes. Certified guides are trained to minimise the ecological impact of their activities and to raise visitor awareness of the importance of conservation.


Towards greater professionalisation of the sector

This SERNATUR initiative is also a step towards greater professionalisation of the mountain guide sector. By establishing clear criteria for obtaining these certifications, the organisation is helping to raise the standards of the profession and encourage ongoing training.



SERNATUR’s initiative to award accreditations to mountain guides is a significant step forward for Chilean tourism. This move reinforces Chile as a destination of choice for adventure and mountain tourism, in line with the principles of sustainable development and environmental responsibility.


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