Kuelap: Dawn of a New Chapter for the Citadel of the Clouds

In the heart of Peru’s Amazonas region, the majestic fortress of Kuelap, built by the mysterious Chachapoyas civilisation, is undergoing a significant revival. With a significant increase in visitor numbers, a major financial commitment to its restoration and its unique historical wealth, Kuelap is proving more than ever to be a must-see World Heritage site.



Increase in the visitor threshold

Forteresse de Kuelap (Crédit : PeruTravel)

Kuelap fortress (Credit: PeruTravel)

Since reopening to the public in August 2023, the Kuelap site has recently seen a significant expansion in its visitor capacity, from 144 to 252 visitors per day, thanks to a decision by the Ministry of Culture to promote tourism to this extraordinary site while preserving its integrity. This increase reflects the desire to offer a richer and more accessible experience to a greater number of people wishing to explore this historic monument. In addition, a new 80-minute tour has been created, offering a deeper immersion into the heritage and mysteries of the Chachapoyas civilisation.


Investment in rehabilitation

(Crédit : Arqueologia del Peru)

(Credit: Arqueologia del Peru)

To support this growth and guarantee the conservation of the site, the Peruvian government has committed to investing over a million dollars in the rehabilitation of Kuelap. This investment is aimed at restoring certain damaged parts of the complex and improving the visitor facilities. These conservation efforts are essential to maintain Kuelap as a sustainable tourist attraction that respects its historical and natural environment, as well as to continue archaeological research projects on the site.


A Fortress in the Clouds

Kuelap stands majestically in the Amazonas region, at an altitude of 3,000 metres, and is one of Peru’s most impressive archaeological treasures. This pre-Inca citadel, built by the Chachapoyas people, known as the ” People of the Clouds “, is characterised by its imposing stone walls surrounding more than 400 circular buildings.


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Recent initiatives to increase visitor capacity and invest in the restoration of Kuelap are important steps towards enhancing this exceptional heritage and ensuring its preservation for future generations. The fortress of Kuelap, with its immutable grandeur and captivating history, remains a living symbol of Peru’s cultural and historical wealth.


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