Passenger traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean up sharply

Passenger traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean rose by a substantial 4.2% in the first four months of 2024 compared with the same period last year. This increase reflects the gradual recovery of the air transport sector in the region, stimulated by various economic and social factors.


Key figures and trends

According to data published by Airports Council International – Latin America & Caribbean (ACI-LAC), this increase reflects a positive dynamic in several areas:

  • Economic recovery: The post-pandemic economic recovery in several countries in the region has restored travellers’ confidence, increasing travel for business and leisure.
  • Rising tourism demand: Popular destinations such as Mexico, Brazil and the Caribbean saw an increase in tourism demand, attracting international visitors in search of new experiences.
  • Intensive tourism promotion: Effective tourism promotion campaigns have highlighted the region’s natural, cultural and historical attractions, encouraging more people to travel.

Among the main markets, the countries with the highest percentage growth in April 2024 compared with 2023 are Colombia (22.4%), followed by Peru (20.0%), Chile (13.0%) and Panama (11.0%).

Facteurs Contribuant à la Croissance

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Several factors have played a key role in this growth in passenger traffic. Airlines have considerably expanded their offer by increasing flight frequencies and introducing new routes. This expansion provides greater accessibility and flexibility for travellers, making it easier for them to get to various destinations in the region. Airlines such as LATAM, Copa Airlines and Avianca have played a major role in this expansion, making air travel more accessible and convenient for a greater number of passengers.

At the same time, governments and tourism bodies have stepped up their efforts to promote their countries as attractive tourist destinations. They have highlighted the cultural diversity and natural beauty of their territories through effective tourism promotion campaigns that have generated increased interest in the region, attracting international visitors.


Future prospects

The future of the aviation sector in Latin America and the Caribbean looks promising. Experts predict continued growth in passenger traffic, underpinned by stable tourism demand and ongoing efforts to improve connectivity and air infrastructure.



The 4.2% increase in passenger traffic in Latin America and the Caribbean in the first four months of 2024 illustrates the resilience and recovery of the airline industry in the region. With an economic recovery underway, increased tourism promotion and the lifting of travel restrictions, the region is well positioned to continue to attract travellers from around the world. The outlook is encouraging, with initiatives in place to support growth and strengthen economic and tourism development.


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