Salar d’Uyuni: the mirror of the heavens

Nestling in the altiplano – the high plateaux – of south-western Bolivia, the Salar of Uyuni is an expanse of salt of unequalled beauty. This salt desert, the largest in the world, is a natural wonder that fascinates visitors with its immensity and surreal landscape.


A surreal landscape

The Salar d’Uyuni, at an impressive altitude of 3,658 metres, covers an area of 10,582 km², slightly larger than the Gironde department. This vast salt desert is the remnant of ancient prehistoric lakes that dried up, leaving behind a thick, dazzling crust of crystalline salt. The islands scattered across the salar, such as Incahuasi Island, are covered in giant cacti and offer a striking contrast to the salt plain.


A breathtaking natural spectacle

During the rainy season, from January to April, the Salar is transformed into a giant mirror, perfectly reflecting the blue sky and clouds. This phenomenon creates a spectacular optical illusion, where the sky and the earth seem to meet at the horizon. In the dry season, the landscape changes radically, revealing geometric patterns of crystallised salt that stretch into infinity, offering a spectacle of lunar and desert beauty.


Ecological and cultural riches

The Salar d’Uyuni is a unique ecosystem, home to a varied fauna despite its arid environment. Flamingos, vicuñas and a host of Andean birds inhabit the region, adapting surprisingly well to the saline habitat. Local communities, such as the Aymara, live in the vicinity of the salar, preserving traditions and lifestyles that go back centuries. Their rich culture and colourful crafts add a fascinating human dimension to a visit to the salar.



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An unforgettable adventure

Exploring the Salar d’Uyuni is a breathtaking experience. 4×4 excursions take you across the salt desert to isolated islands, offering spectacular panoramic views. Visitors can also opt to cycle or hike for a more intimate experience of the landscape. Local guides enrich the trip with tales of the salar’s history and geology, while nights spent in salt hotels offer a unique and memorable accommodation experience.


Tips for travellers

To fully enjoy the Salar d’Uyuni experience, it’s important to be prepared for extreme weather conditions. Temperatures can vary considerably, and the sun’s reflection off the salt can be intense. It is essential to bring high factor sun cream, sunglasses, clothing adapted to the temperature variations and to stay hydrated. Visitors should also be aware of the altitude and take the necessary precautions to avoid altitude sickness.


The Salar d’Uyuni is a magical place, a space where nature displays all its splendour in a setting that is both ethereal and striking. A trip here is an exploration into the heart of one of the most beautiful natural spectacles on our planet, an experience that will stay with you long after you return home.


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