Avianca relaunches its direct Bogotá-Paris route

After a hiatus of more than two decades, Avianca, the Colombian airline, is restarting operations on the Bogotá-Paris route, marking a significant turning point in air links between Colombia and Europe. This initiative promises to open up new opportunities for tourism and trade, strengthening the links between the two continents.


A New Era of Connection

Credit: Avianca

Credit: Avianca

The resumption of this direct service, operated by Avianca with a Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner capable of carrying up to 250 passengers, is scheduled for the second half of 2024. It represents not only a major step forward for Colombian tourism, but also an increased business opportunity between France and Colombia. The route, which was only served by Air France, now sees Avianca join the ranks, offering a daily flight between the Colombian capital and one of the most visited cities in the world.


Impact on tourism and the economy

The reopening of the Bogotá-Paris route by Avianca, after a hiatus in 2001, is seen as a crucial step towards realising Colombia’s ambition to become a world-class tourist destination. President Petro expressed his enthusiasm for this development, stressing that it reflects the vision of a more interconnected world and opens the door to a significant increase in European visitors to Colombia.


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An expanding network

Avianca continues to expand its international network, already serving several key destinations in Europe, such as Madrid, Barcelona and London. The addition of Paris to its itinerary strengthens its presence in the European market and completes its extensive network, which also includes destinations in Central and South America, the United States, Canada and beyond.


Towards a promising future

Avianca’s decision to relaunch the Bogotá-Paris route reflects its renewed confidence in the growth potential of the Colombian air and tourism sector. While operational details, such as flight schedules, have yet to be finalised, the announcement has been greeted with optimism by those involved in the sector, anticipating an increase in tourist activity and cultural exchanges between the two nations.



Avianca’s takeover of this historic route is another step towards a future where Colombia and Europe are closer than ever, offering travellers and businesses new opportunities to discover and connect across the globe.


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