Review and outlook: The ALTA Conference on Fuel and Sustainability in Latin America and the Caribbean

After days of enriching discussions, the ALTA Conference on Fuel and Sustainability held in Bogotá from 12 to 14 March came to a close, leaving behind a trail of strong commitments and innovative prospects for the aviation industry in Latin America and the Caribbean. Bringing together representatives from 24 airlines, suppliers and regional authorities, the event addressed the crucial challenges of fuel production, distribution and supply, the cornerstones of efficient flight operations and sustainable aviation in the region.


Avianca’s commitment to reducing emissions

Crédit : ALTA

Crédit : ALTA

Avianca has provided a concrete illustration of the progress that can be made in terms of sustainability, having reduced its emissions per passenger carried by 26% compared with 2019 and reaching a record number of passengers in 2023. This performance underlines the importance of a realistic and responsible commitment on the part of airlines, aimed at maintaining the accessibility of air transport while making progress towards ambitious sustainability targets.


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AZUL and LATAM: Inspiring Initiatives

AZUL has put forward more than 40 operational efficiency initiatives, establishing itself as a pioneer with targets validated by SBTi. LATAM, for its part, is aiming for carbon neutrality for its domestic operations by 2030, an ambition supported by significant investments in fleet renewal, use of SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuels), energy efficiency and carbon offsetting.


Air France KLM and SKY Airline: Technology and Inclusion

Air France KLM is exploring the use of AI to optimise fuel consumption and promote SAF production in Latin America, while SKY Airline is focusing on gender equality and encouraging female pilots, reflecting a holistic approach to sustainability that includes inclusion and education.


“Despite the fact that many Latin American countries are producers of air fuel, prices in the region remain above the global average, impacting the competitiveness of air transport. ”


The Potential of FAS and the Future of Hydrogen

Ecopetrol – Colombia’s national oil company – shared its expertise on the production of SAF in Colombia, highlighting the importance of regulation, sustainable feedstocks and government incentives. In addition, discussions on hydrogen as a clean energy alternative opened up some fascinating perspectives, despite the technical and logistical challenges to be overcome for its application in commercial aviation.


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Towards Greener and Accessible Aviation

This conference highlighted the regional consensus on the need for greener, but also more accessible, aviation. Speakers stressed the importance of innovating and supporting sustainable public policies, promoting SAF and collectively addressing the specific realities and challenges of Latin America.



The ALTA Conference on Fuel and Sustainability laid the foundations for a future in which aviation in Latin America and the Caribbean is resolutely committed to greater efficiency and sustainability.


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