Journey on the Magdalena: a unique river odyssey in Colombia

In 2024, the Magdalena River, Colombia’s lifeblood, is set to host an unprecedented tourism experience: a luxury cruise immersing visitors in the country’s cultural, historical and natural wealth. This ambitious project, led by AmaWaterways in collaboration with local partners, marks a turning point in tourism exploration in Colombia, offering a unique perspective on the famous river that inspired Gabriel García Márquez.


A journey between history and modernity

The Magdalena River, the backbone of Colombia, has long been a silent witness to the country’s turbulent history and cultural diversity. Today, it becomes the beating heart of a river adventure that pays tribute to this richness. The 60-passenger cruise promises an intimate and luxurious experience. Aboard ships such as the AmaMagdalena, which will inaugurate the first cruise on 9 November 2024, and the AmaMelodia, which will begin operating on 4 June 2025, travellers will discover historic cities such as Cartagena, Barranquilla and Mompox, as well as emblematic towns on the Caribbean coast such as Palenque and Magangué, taking them on a journey through time.


“All of this reflects our pioneering spirit and mission: to offer our guests first-class accommodation, warm and welcoming service, locally inspired cuisine and enriching experiences interacting with local communities along this fascinating river,” said Kristin Karst, co-founder and executive vice-president of AmaWaterways.


An Eco-responsible Experience

Aware of the importance of preserving the environment, the organisers have focused on sustainability. The voyage is designed to respect the unique ecosystem of the Magdalena, with ships that purify their own water and are Green Awards certified. This initiative reflects a global awareness of the importance of travelling responsibly, in harmony with nature.


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Itinerary and Services

The carefully crafted itinerary includes stops at emblematic locations, offering passengers an immersion in Colombian culture, from celebrating Carnival in Barranquilla to discovering local crafts in Mompox. Passengers will also benefit from themed excursions, wildlife spotting, and on-board gourmet experiences that will allow them to discover the diversity of Colombian flavours as well as live musical performances every evening, enriching their understanding of Colombia.


Fares and accessibility

With fares starting at USD 3,599, this 7-day cruise is aimed at a public seeking a deep and enriching travel experience in total immersion in the soul of Colombia.


Towards a new chapter in Colombian tourism

The inauguration of these cruises on the Magdalena symbolises a modern reappropriation of its river heritage. By paying tribute to both the country’s natural beauty and its cultural heritage, this ambitious project invites the world to discover Colombia in a new light, enriching the dialogue between past and present and promising travellers an unforgettable and totally new adventure.



Photo et illustrations : AmaWaterways


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