Panamá, Vive por Más”: Strengthening the tourism brand for a sustainable future


Panamá is moving forward with a bold vision to consolidate its identity as a leading tourism destination through the ‘Panamá, Vive por Más’ initiative. The Panamanian Tourism Authority (ATP), in collaboration with the Panamanian Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture (CCIAP), is pushing this brand with the aim of not only promoting tourism but also improving the quality of life of Panamanians and fostering sustainable economic development.


The strategy behind ‘Panamá, Vive por Más’ is multidimensional, seeking to integrate the brand not only into the tourism sector but also into other commercial and productive sectors in the country. According to Denise Guillén, General Administrator of the ATP, this integration is crucial to achieving the objectives of the Panamanian Master Plan for Sustainable Tourism 2020-2025. Tourism, as a powerful economic driver, can catalyse significant improvements in the economic and social well-being of the population.


Fernando Fondevila, Managing Director of PROMTUR Panamá, highlighted the significant economic impact that the promotion of this brand has had to date. Since its launch, the platform has generated a total economic impact of more than 1.4 billion dollars, through direct marketing strategies, strategic alliances and the staging of international events. These efforts have gradually reactivated tourist arrivals from key outbound markets, reaffirming Panama’s position as a vibrant and authentic destination.


In addition, the adoption of the brand by CCIAP and its many members promises to further strengthen tourism promotion within and beyond Panamá’s borders. Adolfo Fábrega, President of CCIAP, expressed his commitment to promoting ‘Panamá, Vive por Más’ among businesses and business groups nationwide, highlighting the need for ongoing state public policy that transcends governments and promotes tourism as one of the country’s main job generators.


The ‘Panamá, Vive por Más’ campaign seeks not only to attract international tourists but also to cultivate a sense of belonging and national pride. Promoting the rich history, culture, biodiversity and natural beauty of the Panamanian isthmus is essential to attracting more tourists and fostering sustainable growth in the sector.



‘Panamá, Vive por Más’ is a strategic vision for integrated and sustainable development that uses tourism as its central axis. With the continued efforts of the public and private sectors, Panamá is well positioned to transform itself into a world-class tourist destination that ‘lives for more’ in every sense of the word.


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