Towards Standardised Sustainability in the Hotel Industry: The WTTC and Biosphere Initiative

In a world where sustainable tourism is becoming a priority, the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) and Biosphere (the Responsible Tourism Institute‘s sustainability management and certification system) have joined forces to establish sustainability standards for the hotel industry. The collaboration aims to create a clear and consistent framework for sustainable practices in hotels around the world, an initiative that could transform the future of tourism.



A shared commitment to sustainability

Credit: WTTCThe partnership between the WTTC and Biosphere represents a shared commitment to promoting sustainable practices in the hotel sector. By standardising sustainability criteria, this initiative aims to simplify and clarify sustainability efforts for hotels worldwide. More than 2,500 hotels will benefit from this collaboration, which is part of the Hotel Sustainability Basics initiative.



The importance of clarity in a complex world

With the proliferation of standards and eco-labels, it has become increasingly difficult for industry players to navigate the complex landscape of sustainability. The WTTC-Biosphere partnership aims to establish fundamental milestones for sustainability practices on a global scale, providing a clear and consistent path for the industry.



A step towards international standardisation

Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the WTTC, emphasises the importance of this initiative for the hospitality industry. By aligning sustainability concepts, the WTTC and Biosphere hope to catalyse widespread adoption of sustainable practices by hotels worldwide. This harmonisation of sustainability criteria is seen as an essential step towards international standardisation.


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A framework aligned with the sustainable development goals

The initiative aims to align the hotel industry with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through collaboration with UN-SDSN Spain and Biosphere, the WTTC hopes to facilitate the industry’s transition to more advanced global standards, while respecting the goals of sustainable development.



Significant potential impact

Dr. Tomás de Azcárate Bang, President of the Institute for Responsible Tourism, highlights the need for consensus and harmonisation of concepts to make sustainability viable, understandable and achievable. This collaboration between WTTC and Biosphere could establish a more stable and defined international framework for all tourism stakeholders.



The association of the WTTC and Biosphere represents a major step forward in the effort to make the hotel industry more sustainable. By standardising sustainability criteria, this initiative promises to transform not only the way hotels operate but also the way travellers perceive and choose their accommodation. It’s one step closer to a future where tourism and sustainability go hand in hand.


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