The New York Times 52 Must-See Destinations for 2024: Focus on Latin America

The New York Times recently published its annual list of 52 must-visit destinations, highlighting several Latin American gems in its list for 2024. Here’s a look at the destinations in our region that caught the eye of the famous magazine.


  • O’Higgins, Chile (Rank 8)

Credit: Sernatur

Credit: Sernatur

This relatively unknown region south of Santiago is rich in tradition and varied landscapes. O’Higgins offers visitors an authentic and immersive experience of rural Chilean culture.


  • Dominica (Rank 11)

Nicknamed the Nature Island, Dominica is a patchwork of volcanoes, rainforests and hot springs. The island is also a playground for eco-adventurers, with hiking trails, coral reefs for diving, and an abundance of whales and dolphins.


  • Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (Rank 15)

The world’s largest salt desert, located at 12,000 feet in the Andes, offers a unique experience with its expanses of salt and surreal landscapes.


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  • Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico (Rank 23)

From Mérida, its cultural crossroads, to the idyllic beaches of Isla Holbox or the festive Cancun, via the underwater caves of Parque Dos Ojos or the Sian Kaán nature reserve, as well as discovering the majestic pyramids of Calakmul and Chichén Itzá, every nook and cranny of this region is a treasure to be discovered.


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  • Quito, Ecuador (Rank 26)

Ecuador’s capital, with its new metro, offers easy exploration from its historic centre to its modern districts. From traditional markets to innovative restaurants, Quito is a city on the move.


  • Brasília, Brazil (Rank 32)

Credit: MTur

Credit: MTur

Brazil’s capital, famous for its futuristic architecture designed by Oscar Niemeyer, offers a distinct urban tourism experience. Visitors can explore its vast green spaces, fascinating museums and vibrant neighbourhoods, while discovering the bold vision that gave birth to this extraordinary metropolis.


  • El Salvador (Rank 33)

With a significant improvement in security, El Salvador is opening up to visitors. The Ruta de las Flores and San Salvador’s vibrant culinary scene are highlights.


  • Montevideo, Uruguay (Rank 36)

Uruguay’s capital, known for its tranquil atmosphere, is celebrating its 300th anniversary. Montevideo, with its tree-lined boulevards and restaurants, offers a rich and relaxed cultural experience.


  • Grenade (Rank 45)

This Caribbean island attracts with its white sandy beaches, lush farms and new luxury accommodation, while visits to rum distilleries and spice gardens enrich the experience.


  • El Camino de Costa Rica (Rank 46)

This 174-mile hiking trail links the Caribbean and Pacific coasts. It passes through national parks, sanctuaries and indigenous communities, offering a rich and varied trekking experience.


  • Choquequirao, Peru (Rank 49)

Less well known than Machu Picchu, this Inca citadel, named one of the top five adventure destinations in 2023 by National Geographic, can be reached after a hike lasting several days. Its excellent state of conservation and the Peruvian government’s efforts to facilitate access make it a site to be discovered without further delay!


  • Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve, Mexico (Rank 51)

Billions of monarch butterflies hibernate each year in this pine and fir forest. The reserve offers hikes to observe these butterflies, providing a unique natural experience.


These Latin American destinations, recognised by the New York Times, offer a diversity of landscapes, cultures and experiences. From ecological adventure to cultural discovery, these places promise unforgettable trips in 2024.


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