Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024: Focus on Latin America

The World Economic Forum recently published its Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024, which sheds light on the progress and challenges of the tourism sector worldwide, analysing the economic environment, security, infrastructure, resources and sustainability policies of 119 countries, among other factors. This report is of particular relevance to Latin America, a region distinguished by its rich cultural and natural diversity, and where every country is making considerable efforts to improve its attractiveness to tourists.


Regional rankings

This year’s ranking sees Brazil in the lead, closely followed by Chile and Mexico, two nations that have made great strides forward thanks to significant investment in infrastructure and safety, as well as sustainable development policies. Argentina and Colombia are not to be outdone, showing impressive performances, particularly when it comes to community involvement and the preservation of their cultural and natural heritage. Costa Rica continues to shine with its eco-tourism approach, serving as a global model for sustainability.


Key success factors

The index highlights the key success factors that propel these countries to the top of the rankings. Central to these are a commitment to improved infrastructure, innovative tourism marketing strategies and a focus on sustainability and the preservation of cultural and natural heritage. These efforts not only contribute to a better brand image for these destinations, but also ensure richer and more responsible tourism experiences.


Implications for Tourism Professionals

For tourism professionals, this report is a valuable tool. It recommends adapting services to meet international sustainability standards, reinforcing safety measures and improving hospitality. These practices are not only good for the index ranking, but also essential for attracting and satisfying a global clientele that is increasingly aware of the environment and concerned about ethical practices.



Analysis of the Travel and Tourism Development Index 2024 reveals a dynamic picture of the tourism sector in Latin America. It shows a region committed to a process of continuous improvement, seeking to offer high-quality tourism experiences while preserving its natural and cultural resources for future generations. The results underline the importance of collaboration between governments, businesses and local communities to create an environment conducive to sustainable and responsible tourism.



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