Interview with Suppliers

Interview with Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism of Ecuador

INTERVIEW   Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism of Ecuador   Visit Latin America: Can you explain the main lines and objectives of the Ecuador Tourism Promotion Plan that you launched in 2022? One of the main requirements of the tourism sector after the pandemic was to...

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“Our goal is very clear: to be the hub of the Americas”

Interviews Christophe Didier, Sales Vice President of Copa Airlines Visit Latin America: COPA Airlines is 75 years old this year, what has been the key to its success and longevity? We have a very clear vision and objectives to be the leading airline and preferred...

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“Mexico City is an avant-garde metropolis”

FOCUS Carlos Mackinlay, Tourism Secretary of the city of Mexico Visit Latin America: What is the current situation of tourism in Mexico City? Sources: Secretariat of Tourism of Mexico City / Mexico City International Airport   VLA: What are the health requirements for...

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